Travel Arabic

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LEARN: How to Speak Travel Arabic for your next vacation or trip abroad. 

Are you planning to travel to an Arab country? 


Would you like to learn phrases to help you check in to a hotel or use at a restaurant or museum? 

Are you looking for an Arabic speaking job in the tourism or hospitality industry? 

Learning travel Arabic will help you communicate with the people that you meet and interact with while on a vacation or trip to an Arabic speaking country. 

Traveling to a new place for be overwhelming and make you nervous. This book will help you know the correct phrase to use when speaking in Arabic. 

In the book, “The Complete Guide to Travel Arabic” you will learn many practical phrases and vocabulary that you can start using as soon as you get to the airport or train station. This is book is broken down into many sections such as: airport, taxi, restaurant, tour, renting equipment, beach, and many more. 

Traveling and speaking Arabic doesn’t need to be stressful. 

Ready to start learning ‘Travel Arabic’? 

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