• 28 cards, each card contains 12 words. You can listen to the correct pronunciation of each word using the QR code on the back of the card.

    3,99 €
  • Derivation makes the Arabic language easy to learn. Alyasameen made groups of most important roots and the most important words.

    10,99 €
  • Jumal is an educational card game consisting of 60 cards. There are cards that contain verbs, cards that contain nouns, cards that contain adjectives, and cards that contain prepositions. The purpose of the game is to form sentences joining cards together following the color of the arrow of each card.

    6,99 €
  • Abjad is an educational fun card game consisting of 169 cards to practice your Arabic language. You can play the game with your friends in three main modes.

    9,99 €
  • Badiha is an educational fun card game consisting of 55 cards. Between any 2 cards, there is always one match. Are you fast enough to spot it? It’s simple to play.  The match can be between a word and its corresponding picture, between two pictures, or between two words.There are four ways to play Badiha. You can play Badiha anywhere in your classroom or...

    6,99 €
  • I have… Who has…? is an educational classroom card game to practice the Arabic language. The game consists of three levels. Each level has 40 cards, and each card has a statement followed by a question. The student who has the answer, hears the question. They answer the question, and then read their question, and so on.

    8,99 €
  • Qulli consists of 93 Arabic conversation cards to practice Arabic with your classmates. Each card contains a personal conversation-starting question. 

    7,99 €
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