The Workbook consisting of 15 units that offer additional practice for students, with self-study exercises which practice all the language taught in the Student's Book - including exercises on pronunciation and spelling.
Muhammad Bahgat Kanafani
A1 - A2 - B1
ISBN: 978-9948-495-81-9

Workbook Elements


Alyasameen workbook includes more than three hours of listening. You can listen to the audios from your account in Alyasameen Academy or by using Blippar application.


At the end of first five units there is exercises of Arabic letters with 14 examples for each letter.


You will find this section at the end of each unit so you can evaluate your progress.


We included most important Arabic idiomatic expressions at the end of each unit starting from the sixth unit so you can communicate well with native Arabic people.

The Noble Quran

This is an optional page to practice more your Arabic language listening to verses of the Holy Quran.


At the last page of each unit we included video related to the main topic of the unit. You can watch the videos from your account in Alyasameen Academy or by using Blippar application.

Action Story

Story of 10 chapters, starts from the sixth unit, it involves the student to help the inspector to solve the mystery.

Course Game

Group game to review the verbs of the five units of each level.

Course Exam

Each level has one preparatory exam based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. There are total three exams in this book.
Arabic as foreign language


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