What is Al-Yasameen?

Al-Yasameen introduces Arabic Language in modern and easy way. Arabic Language is not complicated as you think.
With our books you will learn Arabic in academic way.
Use Al Yasameen books in your classroom or we can provide you a private teacher so you can learn Arabic One-to-One.
We provide many extra free resourses to our students so they can practice Arabic, they can use also our Mobile App to access their accounts.

What will you get?

Lifetime account in Al-Yasameen Academy
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A unique piece of work that simplify and arouse one's interest with a smart use of pictures with high quality techniques.
Ahmad Alwardani
Professor of linguistics, eloquence, criticism, and translation / University of Tunisia

I have seen parts of Alyasameen series, and I have found that a huge effort was made in order to facilitate Arabic-learning and to use active learning techniques, which increases the efficiency and pleasure of the learning process. Needless to mention the uniqueness direction and production of the series.
Yaser bin Muhammad Babteen
Dean of Arabic Language Institute for Speakers of Other Languages / King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah

A unique series as the Arabic library lacks such works. The author has made an obvious effort as he has made it in several levels and served the learner's needs of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and conversation, and fulfilled all of them with evaluation tests and revision games, not only that, but also with exciting exercises, such as: fill the blanks, matching, comparison, and vocalization.
Muhammad bin Abdurrahman bin Abdullah Assbaiheen
Former dean of the Faculty of Arabic Language / University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh

I have read in Alyasameen book, and I have found that it's filled with simplifications and facilitations of Arabic language for those who don't speak it. The author has made it easy for the non-speakers to feel the beauty of it, so I want to congratulate the author and may god bless him, and congratulations for all those who want to learn the language of The Holy Quran.
Abdul Qader Assadi
Professor at the Arabic Language Department / Sharjah University

I have worked as a teacher in an Arabic Language Institute in Indonesia for four years, I have seen a lot of learning series and I think Alyasmeen book will make all the other books fall behind, so I want to congratulate the author for his success.
Abdullah bin Saleh Aluraini
Professor of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Arabic Language / University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh

The Arabic-learning library for non-speakers is witnessing a great book with new visual, auditory, reading, writing, and interactive learning techniques, which made Arabic-learning joyous, and more creative with all the drawings, colors, tables and games. It expressed the cultural side of Arabic, and links it to everyday-situations. This series is published for Arabic lovers.
Muhammad Nur Addeen Almunajeed
Professor of Linguistics / Sultan Qaboos University in Oman

This book wasn't made with normal efforts, it's a phenomenal publication that delivers Arabic in a creative way that entertains the eyes, ears, and soul which doesn't depend on the traditional known methods. I want to thank the creative author and the whole crew.
Habeeb bin Mu'alla Alluaiheq
Professor of Critique and Graduate Studies / University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh

Alyasameen series is considered as an entrance to Arabic-learning in new and joyful methods, that provides the learner with various information about different Arab countries and its culture. The book's chapters are clear and with a rich content, which helps in acquiring the language gradually.
Najiah Hami
Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts and languages previously, President of the German language department / University of Algiers

I have found a lot of effort in the book, as for the content and how it looks as it combines visual and authority methods, and depended on shapes and colors. May God help you and guide you to what's best, and make you benefit Arabic and its learners.
Abu Aus Ibrahim Ashshamsan
Grammar professor in Arabic Department / King Saud University in Riyadh

A great work, and great effort was made by the author in the production of this book, as the book has fulfilled an obvious gap in learning a second language. It was launched according to a clear scientific vision, as he has used lots of techniques, for instance, pictures, stories, exercises. A great step in the path of self-learning a second language.
Ali bin Muhammad Alhammood
Professor at the Faculty of Arabic Language / University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh

Alyasameen series withstands a cultural message, which is aware of its cultural and humanitarian goals as the series provides, those who are interested in learning our language, with the ease of learning, the pleasure of speaking and the ability to communicate with it. How beautiful is our language, approaching the learners to touch their souls till it becomes embedded within in their minds and culture.
Husain Almanasrah
Department of Arabic Language and Literature / King Saud University in Riyadh

I was very impressed by this book and its content, as it tries to simplify Arabic and plant its love in its foreign learners in a way that indicates a long teaching experience. The two books include interesting content that pushes boredom away, and encourages you to learn. It also links the subjects to the language of the time (Internet), in addition to connecting the students to Alyasameen's site, with audio content, which shows the huge efforts made by the crew of the series.
Abdullah Alhaidari
Literature professor at the Faculty of Arabic Language / University of Imam Muhammad bin Saud Islamic University in Riyadh

The book has all what a curriculum of this purpose needs: correctness, clarity, and the ease of presenting and discussing all what's left is for the learner to study the lessons. My congratulations for the author for his efforts, and I wish all the best for the learners.
Bassam Albazzaz
Professor of Linguistics / University of Algiers II
Arabic as foreign language


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